Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Where Are My Friends?

Is it just me, or as you scroll through your Facebook feed you are seeing less of your friends updates and more advertising, pop culture and business postings?

I joined Facebook many moons ago to keep an eye on my kids.  Don't deny it, you've done it too.  Today, I use it daily both personally and for work.  My friends know that I am a photography junkie and use it as an outlet to post pictures, as well as send updates for the boys sports teams, or post random blogs of things going on in my head (hence, this post).

As I popped on this morning after needing a break from and ad campaign I was writing, my feed was filled with everything expect friends posts.

The top 20 posts this morning came from:

Pop Sugar Moms
Club Mid
Scary Mommy
The Chive
Club Mid
The Chive
Matthew Crowley Photography
Writers Write
The Chive
Slice of Life
Adobe Stock
Illustrated Monthly
Illustrated Monthly
The Rachael Ray Show
Love this Life
A Room with a View
Club Mid
Log Homes

Not a single friend post.  Nothing from family.  Maybe I logged in too early.  Maybe every one on my friends list is actually working and not taking a five minute break from work.   Maybe, I'm just a junkie that likes to know what people are thinking about and posting about.

I know, I know.  I followed these pages.  I wanted their info.  Sometimes its just overwhelming.  Don't get me wrong...much of it is relevant.  There was a good story on Writers Write, and I like to look through Matthew Crowley's pictures.  It was intriguing to see Channing Tatum in a gown and Elsa wig singing "Let it Go", enough so I want to watch "Lip Sync Battle" to see what else he does.

The click of one button changed my feed.  If you are finding yourself losing out on what your friends are doing, in the news feed section, click most recent instead of scrolling through top stories.  You'll be glad you did.

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