Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Hype About Creativity

As I was waiting for my boss to give me information to complete I project I was working on for a meeting today, I took random test on Facebook.  You know that kind of test...the one that will force spam into your inbox that you'll never get rid of.

It said: "This test will show you who you really are".  The title was "this fascinating test will reveal your true personality."  I figured, what the hell...I'm game.  

The test consisted of a dozen or so questions with images that you needed to match to a question.  The first question: which photo makes you feel hopeful?  Some pretty good images like a child on a swing, a sunset, a butterfly...    I actually picked the sunset...just because the sunset means the end of the day and that means I'm done with work.

The second question: Which photo makes you think of you family.   A field, a pile of clean laundry, a lab, a front door, a dinner table, and a chocolate cake.  First of all, my mind immediately went to cake, probably because my friend Sandie was talking about chocolate cake porn this morning.  Then to the dinner table, because frankly that's were we are actually a family (unless we are out at a restaurant, then we are all usually glued to our phones until the waitress decides to grace us with her presence.  Before I chose the dinner table, I saw the basket of clean laundry and realized this test was shit because no way is there any family associated with clean laundry. Forget it.  Our family is associated with a basket full of dirty clothes in our hallway, one in our bedroom and some random socks under beds....let us not forget about the pile of clothes that are on our basement floor because every time I think about doing them I'm out of laundry detergent.  Real life people.

The third question: which image makes you feel anxious?  A wedding ring, a scale, a crying baby...nope all good there.  Get to the image of the 'payment due' image, and my palms start to sweat.  Only's not quite that bad.  I've realized, though, that my parents were liars when they said there was a money tree in the backyard.  The only thing in our back yard is dog crap.

Skipping four and moving to five, which photo scares you the most?  Hands down, the porcelain doll.  Who in the fuck ever thought porcelain dolls were cute?  Some psychopathic nut job, that's who.

Keep skipping and the ninth picture is of a busy intersection with about a thousand people walking around.  The question; how does this picture make you feel?  From the looks of it, it's somewhere in Tokyo...I'm just ball-parking location based on some of the billboards and the word on a building that says Tokyu.  I could be totally off base.  The words associated with the picture? Confident, Overwhelmed, Lonely, Shy.  I chose lonely only because being the introvert I am (yes, I swear I am), I feel like I could be in that situation and not be comfortable knowing anyone there.   On the flip side, I'd probably feel a little scared too thinking that someone was going to swipe my bag and passport, and I'd be stuck in Tokyo eating food I couldn't name for the rest of my life.  But since there was no 'scared' option, lonely it is.

After finishing up, the results said I am a Creator.  (You are a Creator!)
"As the name suggests, you are a very creative, imaginative and passionate person.  You love to experiment with various forms of creations, and challenge yourself at every opportunity.  One of the most important things in your life is your alone time.  During that time, you let your mind flourish and your creativity go wild.  Without that creating outlet you could go practically insane.  Your creative nature helps you to always look at the positive side of life, always find the mental strength to move forward, and never look back."

With all this being said, I most of the time I don't feel very creative.  Yes, I take pictures.  Yes, I design.  Yes, I write.  But I can't say with confidence I am a photographer, or designer or writer.  People have bought my pictures, and I've designed plenty of marketing pieces, and now for all intents and purposes I have written a book.  Maybe I just need to get out of my own head and truly believe that I am that creative person, and no matter how many times someone criticizes my creative side and say...I'd like to see you do better.

Things the quiz got right:  Yes, I love my alone time, but not to let my mind flourish, mainly to take a nap.  Always looking at the positive things in life?  Most of the time, but sometimes life just stinks.

I've always thought my husband and our oldest were more creative than me, only because they can draw and paint, sometimes mimicking a human copy machine.  Anything I draw or paint makes it look like I've done so with my feet, upside down, while a moose is trying to hump my my leg.

But, I digress.  I'll take the 'creator' result, even if I take it again and it changes, because you know as well as I do, these tests are horseshit.

Here's the quiz if you want to take it for yourself: Your True Personality.

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