Saturday, May 9, 2015

Things I Want My Kids to Know This Mothers Day Eve

As we lead up to Mother's Day, there are a few things I would to add and/or modify to this list I found on   (  
  1. Learn to cook.  I know I push you out of the kitchen, but I really want you both to learn how to make some key meals, so at some point when you move out you a) don't starve to death and b) can impress whatever girl you are trying to woo.
  2. Love with all your heart, but don't let anyone step on you.    Make them chase you.
  3. Trust your father.  He's been there, he's done that.  Don't mistake his use of the word 'dumbass' when you do something less than perfect; he's saying it out of love and because he too at one point was a 'dumbass'.
  4. Learn to change a flat tire, change oil and do anything mechanical.  You don't need to overpay to do something you are very capable of.
  5. Visit your grandparents.  They won't be here forever.
  6. Listen to to me when I become the 'homework Nazi'.  I've been through high school, I've been through college.  I know what needs to be done to keep your teachers/professors off your back.
  7. Be sure you have pets.  They will love you unconditionally; just remember to feed them, bathe them and let them outside.
  8. Laugh.  A lot.  I'm talking rolling on the floor laughing your ass off, laughing.  Enough that it will make the dogs go running.  It cures all ails.
  9. Don't forget that your brother was your first friend.  He will be there when others walk away.  You may tolerate each other, but I expect that you do it with a smile on your face.
  10. Speaking of smiles, when I ask to take your picture, please smile.  We have enough pictures that show gritted teeth, flipping of the bird, and showing of the 'minivan'.  
  11. Visit your grade school, middle school and high school teachers and coaches.  You never know what it does for their morale when you go back and say thank you.
  12. Say please and thank you.  And open doors for others.  This just doesn't apply to girls.  
  13. When someone is talking to you, give them your full attention.  
  14. Be nice to your dad and I.  We are your lifeline.  We have the ability to make your life miserable, even if you are an adult.
  15. Remember, we aren't the enemy.
I will never claim that I was a perfect child growing up.  I wish that I had lists like this to reference because it would have saved many headaches.

Remember, boys, I love you with all my heart, and dad and I will do anything we can to help you reach your goals.  Happy Mothers Day to me.

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