Sunday, May 17, 2015

Seasons Changing, Kids Growing Up and the Empty Nest

How is it possible that we've crossed over the half way mark in May?  I feel like it was just yesterday that we were sending our kids off to their junior years in college and high school.  Lately, time is speeding by so fast, it seems as if we are missing out.

I honestly don't know how we functioned when our kids did track, baseball and football. From March until November, our weeks were taken by carpooling, practices and games.   Our calendars rarely had free time available.  I'm thankful our boys decided to opt out of wrestling in favor of snowmobiling.

Our late nights were filled will washing uniforms in hopes that we could get the stains out of white pants before the next game.  Those of you with Little League players; no I didn't use fels naptha soap on the white pants to get out grass stains.  I used bleach and oxy crystals.  No harm, no foul...and I'm not sorry.

I was at the athletic complex on Friday night to watch the track meet, but was also able to poke my head in on baseball tryouts.  I kind of miss it.  And, I kind of don't.  Our kids were lucky enough to make the teams they tried out for.  I always felt bad for the kids that would walk away dejected.   Unfortunately, the best players don't always make the teams.  Sometimes, like life, it's about who you know, and not what you know.  We witnessed kids making teams that shouldn't have.  This doesn't stop with baseball.  We notice it with other sports as well.  I've heard it all... I've even heard that our kids shouldn't make teams.  So be it.

While it's frustrating that we are already halfway through May, I'm looking forward to summer leading in to fall and watching our youngest be part of his final season of Varsity football.  Will he play in college?  Who knows...only time will tell.  Our oldest went the same route and played for three years, then opted to focus on school.  I couldn't be more proud of that decision.  

I'm looking forward to what our kids do over the next year.  A friend of ours posted today that her daughter (that played on our son's youth baseball team), got a full ride to the college of her choice.   What a great accomplishment.  I would love for that to be the case with our youngest as well, and know that he working his butt off to make that happen.  I'm also looking forward to our oldest walking across his stage in the near future. 

High school and college are always a series of ups and downs.  I've watched our kids thrive and struggle.  I've watched their friends do the same. They've been praised by teachers, coaches and friends; and shit on by the same.  There has been excitement and sadness, and stupidity and genius.  This next year we will watch decisions being made about futures and look forward to giving advice, since we've been through it.

I don't anticipate our empty nest happening in the next year, two or even five.  It could be many years down the road.   Watching your kids grow up is the most frustrating and exciting time as a parent  You hope that you raised them right and they have learned to not allow others to put them down or step on them.  You know you've done something right when adults, teachers and coaches enjoy their company and when you see your children holding intelligent conversations with them.  You hope that their relationships with friends and others are strong and not one sided.

As we lead into summer, fall, winter and spring....I will continue to count the days until graduation next year (363 and 390) and the next chapter of all of our lives.

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