Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What to do before you are 30 - or 40 something

I read this article today and it really hit home.

My take:

1) You can do whatever you want in life.  Whatever you do, have a game plan.
2) Continue learning.  Please, take advice and use it.  Don't make the mistake to assume that you know everything.  You don't.
3) Clean house.  Don't hang out with people that hold you back.  Period.
4) Where is the magic?   There is no such thing as luck.  If you see something you want, go after it.
5) Don't sell yourself short.  If you have a service to offer, don't do it for free.  That doesn't mean stop volunteering, but know your worth and make sure others do too.
6) Sacrifices should be few and far between.  Don't allow anyone to step on you or to assume that you are going to pick up the slack, especially if you've done it in the past.
7) Your responsibility.  Step up to the plate and deal with it.
8) More than school.  An education is important, but you will learn from experience as well.
9) Ditto. If you've struggled in the past with school, and know you can't do it, take a break.  You may go back to it later in life.  But know that it will be much harder the second time around.  I know from experience.
10) Trust your gut.  Just because someone of power gave you data, if you feel like its wrong, question it.
11) Don't Use Drugs. Period.
12) Life moves pretty fast.  Ferris Bueller said it best.  Learn how to change on the fly.
13) Your opinion matters.   Even if everyone else disagrees, stick your ground.  
14) Be honest.  Strength and integrity are your biggest assets.
15) Lift others up.  Your actions, while your own, could affect others.  Be conscious of what you are doing.
16) Discomfort in life.  You will never be comfortable in every situation.  Don't shy away from it, own it and adjust it to your benefit.
17) Take control of your life.   Be in charge of your own destiny.
18) Rely on yourself. Don't look to others for validation.  You know what's right for you.
19) Revenge is ugly. Revenge is contagious.  Let things go.
20) Avoid toxic people.  Not everyone has your best interest at heart.  There are backstabbers and gold diggers and genuinely nasty individuals out there.
21) Trust your friends and family.  They''ll be there when you need them most.  If not, walk away.
22) Count your blessings.  Stop focusing on the negative and instead focus on what's good and how you can replicate it.
23) Be there for your kids.  They will never have other parents.
24) Kill them with kindness.  If someone attacks you verbally, thank them, and walk away.  They won't know what hit them.
25) Be You.  Be a good person, try your best and learn from your mistakes.

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