Thursday, April 3, 2014

Type A

Sometimes I wonder if I have OCD, ADHD, and procrastination tendencies.  I mentioned earlier today that I love to read just about everything.  My mind works in mysterious ways that I can't quite follow. I pop from platform to platform, activity to activity and volunteer for just about everything.

I start crossword puzzles I don't finish.  I play games on my phone and Kindle that I never win.  I go from reading a book on marketing campaign generation to one on dystopian societies to an article on bullying.  I've tried to learn to crochet; I've spent time doing needlepoint and making quilts.   I started a blog a year ago and it was put aside.

I'm pushy when it comes to getting things done with the kids sports teams.  I'm obsessive about it.  I want to make sure that lists are created and updated mainly for my own use; usually because I'm the one sending out dozens of emails over the course of a season.  I like being in charge.

A typical day in a work day starts with checking my personal social media feeds.  Today, I did that and more.  I checked my work social media feeds; updated my blog (new!); checked my work email;  adding 200 contacts to an eblast feed; built six sell sheets with copy including content and images; checked social media; grabbed a bite to eat; read a chapter on my Kindle; added another 150 contacts to the same eblast feed; approved website content I put in the hands of my Intern; avoided the pregnant woman at work (again); approved three invoices for payment; purchased new images from Shutterstock; took pictures of two new mascots; designed a backdrop for an upcoming show; worked on fine tuning my social media campaign; avoided the pregnant woman (yet) again; checked social media; talked to my boss about a two hour meeting we are having tomorrow.  Then I hopped in the truck, came home, picked up my husband, grabbed Chinese for dinner, took my hubby home, got gas, went to my youngest's school and waited for him to finish practice; checked my social media feeds; read three pages on my Kindle; drove home; fed the kid and sat down to get some prep work done for tomorrow.

As I sit here prepping for tomorrow's meeting, I've checked my social media feed; checked Amazon for any free books; answered some PM's on Facebook; added some more contacts to the eblast; edited some content; sent a few emails; and now writing this blog.  

After I hit publish, I'll go back to work for another hour; will watch Idol results, then Ridiculousness, then I'll read until bedtime and then I'll read for another hour or so.

Do I have OCD or ADHD? Probably not.  Do I procrastinate. Yes.  Some of my best work happens when I procrastinate.

I think I'm just Type A.

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