Thursday, April 3, 2014


Originally posted 4/3/13

I strugged whether or not to post this blog tonight.

Last night I saw several posts that another student at Hale passed away yesterday.  It makes my heart ache with all of the children that have passed in the last year.    I didn't know her, but I knew of her brother.  What frustrates me is the speculation of what happened.  Frankly, it's not of my business what happened.  If you were close to her or your children were close to her, I apologize, and I am sorry for your loss.

After all of these children died, I saw multiple posts from friends and acquaintences talking about the good times: how they would be missed, times they spent together at sleep overs and joking around in class, pictures of dances and gradeschool.   What I cannot grasp is how some of the posts seem less than honest - I know that sounds terrible, but if you felt this way about a certain person, I hope that you have been telling them while they were alive.

I can only imagine what the kids at school are going through with her passing, or that of the two boys who perished in the fire recently, or the senior that died in the hospital with his family at his side.  I don't claim to know anything about the circumstances of what surrounded their passing and that of the other kids that died this year.  My kids were friendly with several of the kids, but no best friend relationships.  They took it hard knowing their classmates were gone.

All too often we take advantage of our relationships and forget that our loved ones, our family and friends need to hear that you care. Whether it's tagging them in a picture, sending them a birthday card or leaving a treat on their desk; tell them.  I'm not saying that it's necessary to shower them in kisses or buy their attention, it's the little things.  I'm guilty of it.  I forget to call my brother on his birthday or forget to say thank you to a coworker for helping me with a project.  Seeing what has gone on recently, I plan on making a bigger effort with my family and friends.  I always tell my kids and my husband I love them and give kisses and hugs when I leave family parties.

Hug your kids.  Give them kisses.  Praise them.  Yell at them .  Punish them. And then hug them again.  It's all done out of love.

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