Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year. New Attitude.

2017 was very humbling.  I'm glad it's behind us as a family.  I have the most supportive spouse and boys, and for that I am grateful.   I have friends I can vent to, and some family that I know is there for me.  I belong to some really great online groups that know just when you need to have a meme war, full of all the things you shouldn't say.  Kind of like George Carlin did.  I love it.

This week will bring a fresh start.  I'm not much into resolutions.  I always seem to break them.  I was lucky enough to schedule several interviews and I know that this is the week that I'm going to land back on my feet.

Despite the way things have been, I tried to stay positive.  Not an easy task when you continuously talk about yourself and get no traction.  I've questioned every interview and interaction I've had in this search.  It's a lot harder looking at 47, then it was even five years ago.

I have read countless books on the Law of Attraction.  I've started changing the way I've always done things.  I spent nine days away from all of this just to get recharged.  I highly recommend it.

Don't ever assume you are safe in your career.  Trust your gut, and if there are red flags, get out while you can.  Take chances.  Embrace choices.  Say thank you to those that help you, and don't be bitter to those that don't.

This is my week.

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