Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What I've Learned

Here we are, four days before college commencement and 30 days before high school graduation.  The days are flying by.  I swear it was just yesterday we were walking our oldest to his first day of kindergarten.

What have I learned in the last 17 years?  Absolutely nothing.  No, that's not right.  I've learned so much my head hurts.

I've learned that some friendships don't last.
I've learned that true friends will be there when you need them, and those that aren't suck.
I've learned that sometimes it takes walking away from nearly everyone you know and go to a campus where you know very few people is the best decision could make.
I've learned that as a sports parent, sometimes you have to keep your mouth shut.  You aren't the coach, and no matter what you think, really doesn't matter.
I've learned that some of the best friendships are found with those very coaches.
I've learned that its ok if your kid stays home on a Friday and Saturday night because they have made the decision to avoid drama.
I've learned that your kids will make decisions that you don't agree with.  You just have to hope they correct their mistakes, or at best learn from them.
I've learned your husband can intimidate a principal with just a look.
I've learned that it pays to be friends with a resident tattoo expert when a gym teacher overly judges.
I've learned that both kids and parents embellish the truth.  Just remember I'm on to you and you are full of shit.  Even better that you know I know you are full of shit.
I've learned that sitting back and watching drama unfold on social media is pretty damn funny.  Especially when it isn't about you or your kid.
I've learned that sitting through Christmas concerts can be painfully boring.  But I love them all the same.   And damnit they are Christmas concerts, not holiday sings.
I've learned to have tolerance of kindergarten, 1st grade, fifth grade, sixth grade (you get the picture) graduations.  Your kid is moving to the next grade.  They aren't graduating.
I've learned I'm the homework Nazi.   I'm ok with that because our kids got into a great college....actually many great colleges.  Tough crap they hated me when I badgered them about grades.
I've learned that college drinking is inevitable, and high school drinking is just stupid.  It doesn't matter that I did both.
I've learned that waiting 17 years to finish college was the toughest thing I've ever done.  I don't recommend it, and that boys is why you will finish school.
I've learned that kids lie.  And their parents do too.
I've learned that parents judge. I used to care.  Now I don't.
I've learned that kids will be nice to you to your face, and then bad mouth you when you turn around.  News flash you little fuckers, some day someone will call you on your bullshit.
I've learned that I miss the kids playing baseball.  And I hate they quit because of poor coaching and shitty teammates.
I've learned that I'm really going to miss taking pictures on Friday night's, and being overly involved in the football program.
I've learned that both our boys set goals to play college football, and although it's not Division I, it is a damn good program. I thank 95% of the coaching staff for helping them fulfill their dreams.
I've learned that even after your kid graduates high school, you'll still be friends with some of those parents you met.
I've learned that I can't wait to delete some of the others.
I've learned that sitting in a parking lot waiting to get chairs and tables for a festival will afford you the opportunity to see a teacher rocking out in his car.
I've learned that I can't freak out when your kid never brings home homework.
I've learned that its pretty cool that our oldest will present our youngest with his scholarship awards.
I've learned that it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.
And lastly, I've learned that I can't wait to watch both our boys  walk across their respective stages while I take 1,000 pictures and post them.   And I won't apologize for it.

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