Friday, May 13, 2016

A Note to Our Boys

Regardless of what you think, you will always be my babies.  

I was there before you were born.  

When you were stubborn and didn't want to be born, I was cut in half to make sure you were safe.  And I was there when your dad nearly passed out. 

I was there for your first birthday.  And your first day of daycare.  

I was there with your dad and walked you to your first day of kindergarten.  And I was there when I got the phone call you rode your bike into the window at school.  

I was there five minutes after you took a baseball to the face, thrown by someone that never, ever, hit someone in batting practice.

I was there when we got notes from your teachers that said what good citizens you were and how you always had an extra pencil to share.  

I was there when you taped money to the floor because you thought it was funny.  

I was there when you came home after throwing a baseball across the parking lot that bounced and dented a car.

I was there when you were the quietest one in school, and when you finally got your voice and became the most sarcastic kid in class.

I was there when you played soccer, and then discovered baseball, and football too.  I was there during practices and games in grade school, middle school, high school and college.

I was there to help with homework and help (write) edit papers.

I was there for countless movies I didn't necessarily want to see, but saw any way because it meant we were together.

I was there the first time you watched an R rated movie and I tried not to laugh when you turned red because there were boobs on the screen.

I was there to wash the pair of shorts you just had to have for the next day.    And I was there when your shoes wore out in gym class and we had to run out at 8:30 at night to find you another pair.

I was there when you discovered girls and fell in (love); and then I was there when I realized you were really in love.

I was there when you wanted to eat the last donut, which you knew was my favorite, but I let you eat it anyway.

I was there when you called me momma, and mom, and woman.

I was there when you laughed.   And cried.  And couldn't sleep.  Or was sick.  And when you were scared of Scar.  And when nothing scared you as well.

I was there when you still slept with your blanket.   And when you grew up and still sometimes used it.

I was there when you sold your Xbox and games and gave some of the profit to your brother so he could buy a new game too.

I was there when you went hunting and came home with your trophy...and there when you came home with nothing.  And I was there when you allowed me to sit with you on opening day and I watched in awe when you took the shot three feet from me.

I was there at the dinner table and tried to be the voice of reason, when all you wanted to do was fart to make me laugh.  I tried to be the adult and held back the giggles, when deep inside I was already laying on the floor laughing.

I was there during doctor visits and surgeries, and held your hand in the hospital when you weren't sure you'd recover.

I was there when you bumped your head the day before school pictures, and there when you realized chicks dig scars.

I was there when you realized you knew where you wanted to go to college, and what you wanted to study.  And when you knew you wanted to play college football and gave it your all.

I was there when you got best hitter awards, and when you were the best defensive lineman, and got the Cwik award, and the all conference nod.  And I was there when all the hard work paid off and you were awarded your scholarships.

I'll be there when you graduate college.  And when you graduate high school.  And you graduate college too.  

I'll be there when you fall in love, and get married and have babies of your own.

And I'll be there when your kids test you and you don't know what to do...and you realize the only thing you can think of is to call your mom for her advice.  

I love you both with all my heart. Thank you for making life pretty easy for me and your dad.

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