Thursday, February 11, 2016

Why weekends away matter

It's Thursday night and I am nestled in bed at our cottage.  We came up for a long weekend of snowmobiling, fires, and relaxation.   I plan on reading, writing and taking some own little mini retreat.

We have the luxury of having a place to go, and for the I am forever thankful.  The weather is cold, just 8 degrees at 10:15 pm and tomorrow morning it will be colder.  I am crazy enough to want to bundle up and hop on my sled for a 50 mile ride.  

It's been a stressful few weeks and we as a family need the time away.  We are just three tonight, missing our fourth since he headed to his girlfriend's for the weekend.  I miss the days when all we had to say was cottage and he was standing outside his dorm ready to go two hours before we got there.  I'm happy, though, that he's happy and spending time with the love of his life.  I adore her, and they keep each other grounded.  They both need the weekend to regroup from their busy class schedule.

In six short months we will send off our youngest to college, and these weekends away may be just two of us.  It very surreal thinking you spend 18 years raising them, and then with a blink of an eye they are gone.  Reflecting even further, the oldest is on the cusp of graduating college.  Where the hell did 22 years go?

On the ride up, our youngest got a text from his soon to be college football coach.  The man that wil spend more time with our son than we will.  I know, even though we won't be there for practices, he's in good hands.  Can't wait to see what he accomplishes.

It doesn't matter if you can't hop in the car and go to your very own place for escape.  Sometimes it's good to take a day off and play hooky at home.  Grab your kid out of school on a Friday and hit a movie.   You won't regret it.

I have friends that are teachers and these days are called mental health days.  I've been more stressed than normal at work, and I'm finding it hard to focus on what needs to be done as I'm pulled in multiple directions by the same person.  Think about having someone give you a project, only to change the scope or contradict themself in the same conversation.  It's frustrating, but I know I can get through it with the help of some incredibly talented co-workers.

I brought a stack of work with me because I do have projects due and need to stay on track.  I look forward though to bundling up, plugging in my music and hopping on my sled.   This weekend will combine two loves...that of the outdoors and photography.  For those of you that follow my photography, you'll see why in a couple of days...your in for a treat.

As an almost empty nester, these weekends need to happen more frequently.  If we could swing it, it would be every weekend.  But that's not happening any time soon, so the times we do get away have to be special.  I want to be surrounded by my kids, and know that isn't always feasible, so instead, to each of you, I love you.  Don't forget that no matter where we are, or when we move, home is where the heart is.  You can always count on that.