Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Wait

No parent should ever need to take their child into surgery.  As we sit here waiting for Ryan's surgery, I think back to the others we've gone through.   Ryan had tubes put in twice and his adenoids taken out before he was 18 months old.   Fast forward 11 years and we were again faced with a surgery on Shawn's broken leg.

The year after, two more surgeries for Shawn and then one for Ryan after a baseball cleat to the face.

Let's not forget an 11 day hospital stay for Doug with a dozen procedures including emergency back surgery.

This never gets easier. In the big scheme of things, the number of surgeries isn't too bad.  It's hard understanding that since the only two surgeries I've had were when the boys were born.

As I watch Ryan sitting in bed watching Sports Center and laughing a Vines, it makes it easier to know he's going to go under the knife in less than an hour.

I love this kid with all my heart and know his demeanor and sense of humor will have him on the road to recovery in no time at all.  Love you Magoo.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I've been inspired.  I've been writing.  Alot.  I finally decided to sit down and tackle the book I always wanted to write.  I have no idea if anyone will read it, and that's ok.  It amazes me how the words flow when I do have a few minutes to write.  Thankfully, there has been no writers block.  Yet.  I know it's inevitable, which is why I take every spare moment to write; even if it means jotting down ideas in a notebook I keep on my desk that houses my to do list, or writing in my Notes app on my iPhone at 2:00 am when I can't sleep.

There were moments in the past where I have had great aspirations of writing the Great American novel.  I don't know where it came from, but it's always been in the back of my mind.  I said above it's ok if no one reads it... who am I kidding?  I want everyone to read it.  The fear of rejection is firmly sitting in the back of my mind, but as the words flow, it doesn't scare me any longer.  There will be people that don't care for my writing style.  I hope there are others that love it and decide to share it with their friends.  I've been making a list of who I would like to read the draft.  There are quite a few friends that I think will understand exactly what I am saying.  I'm hoping they laugh when I laugh, and cry when I cry, and that they are critical enough to make sure I'm not making a fool of myself.

I'm hoping to finish the rough draft by mid summer.  I think it's achievable even with life getting in the way.  Sit tight.  I might tap you for a critique.