Tuesday, December 12, 2017

No Slowing Down

A month ago I posted about being on the other side of the desk, which is where I still am today.  Can you imagine how frustrating it is to have to talk about yourself constantly, and then question everything that comes out of your mouth?  Did I answer the question to the best of my ability?  Did I answer what they were looking for?  Am I who they want?  Should I just move on to the next instead of waiting waiting for a prospective employer to follow up?

As some of you know, I read a lot.  Having this time off has given me a lot of free time to read books, articles, blogs, posts.   (Please don't immediately think that life is all rosey over here sitting around reading books, eating Ben and Jerry's and playing with my dogs...that isn't the case).  What I've realized is that there are some many of us in similar but different situations. 

Social media becomes white noise after a while.  Everyone posting, but is anyone really listening?  I follow several bloggers and writers, and now much of my feed is flooded with their content, so I miss out on what friends have to say.  Sometimes that bothers me, sometimes it's a blessing in disguise.  All too often we covet what someone else has.  A great vacation.  A new car.  A maid.  Lately, all I covet is a job.  I know once I find a new position, everything else will fall into place.  Maybe I need to flip it and look at it from everyone else's point of view.  How do they perceive me?  Do I post too much about going out of town?  Do I cheer too much for my kids?  Have I flooded everyone's feed with inquiries about taking pictures?  Maybe.  But then again, does that matter?

You never know what a persons life is like unless you are living it.  Sure, it's all glitz and glamour on the outside, because that's what they want you to believe.  I wish that were the case...and frankly I hope that it is, and that they do get to go to Ireland for Christmas, or a spanking brand new SUV, or someone to scrub their toilets.  Maybe there needs to be more transparency...or then again, maybe not.  Maybe I don't want to know when you get something great, because I'm going to want it too.  Maybe I also don't want to know when you are pissed at the world, but decide to vague post and me guess as to who or what you are talking about.  I don't have time for that noise.

I'm thankful for a great support system at home.  My husband is the best and I often don't give him enough credit.  My boys know how hard it is on this end, and they tread very carefully when moms in a mood.  To be honest, sometimes that mood lasts for days.  I'm sorry guys.  

With Christmas fast approaching, there will be no slowing down, I will continue to send out my resume and make calls and send follow up emails.  I know in my heart that a job is right around the corner.  I need to make sure I don't get frustrated when people don't answer right away, because they have their own agenda.  I need to make sure that when it comes to researching the best methods to find a job or employment standards over 40, that I take them with a grain of salt.  Some connections say everything dies down in December.  Others say it is the best time to look since budgets open up in January.  You cannot believe everything you read.  Maybe I'm a cynic and think that there is more to a post, story, blog, than meets the eye.

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