Monday, June 27, 2016

A Busy Week in the Life of Us

Last week was a busy week for us; work, my husband's bosses semi-annual visit, a doctor visit, college orientation, and a graduation party on Saturday.

Work is work.  Busy every day and trying to manage processes, procedures and the ever changing mind.   The bosses visit went extremely well for my husband...he was initially worried, but, as always, he is a rock star. The doctor visit was prompted by a car accident last week, and for someone that has to drive hundreds of miles per week (sometimes daily), has to climb ladders, and lift heavy materials, it was necessary.

The college visit was awesome.  Same, but different, than four years ago when I was there with our older son.  Required classes have changed, the dorm rooms are the same, breakfast was less than stellar (how can you mess up scrambled eggs?), and professors and administrators knew us, and asked me a lot of questions in front of other parents.  One thing different; a hotel room. There would be no stuffy dorm room for this mom.

As for the party, we had great food, incredible company, beautiful weather, a friend that I probably shouldn't have challenged, and a really yummy boozy fruity lemonade.   We were able to catch up with family and friends, and the boys are so very thankful for all the gifts.   It seems as we get older, our get together's often have less and less family, and more and more friends.  We were pretty picky on who we invited...the family that we are close to and the friends that truly mean something to us...the ones that went on this journey with us.   We had some invites that went out unanswered, which is hard to swallow, and some that just said no because of other obligations.  It was a hard decision leaving some people off the list, I wish we could have invited everyone.  Next up: thank you notes.

Here we are now June 27th; 45 days until we start the college experience all over again; 45 days until the baby flies the coop.  The growing list of things that need to be purchased before that first day of camp is ever growing.  But we have a secret - we know a little bit better of what will work:

Do not buy the case of ramen noodles.  They will come home uneaten.
Stock up on water and Gatorade.
If you think you've packed enough socks and underwear, think again.  Double up the count.
You can have too many t-shirts.
Tide pods are a must.  As are dryer sheets.  When in doubt, wash it in cold.
Paper plates will come home unopened.
Beef jerky is a staple.
Take a nice pair of pants, shirt, tie and dress shoes with you.
Buy an extra power strip, and Ethernet cable.  Don't buy it at Ace Hardware in town.
Duct tape has a purpose.
Remember glade plug-ins.
If you must drink coffee, invest in a pot for your room.  Don't spend $4 for every cup at Starbucks on campus.
Bring your baseball glove and ball, and a football.  You never know when an impromptu game will happen.

Life hasn't changed since graduation two weeks ago.  The real test will happen in August.

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