Thursday, September 10, 2015

Just Another Day in the Life

In this little thing we call life, I have been summarily dismissed, outsourced, restructured from my most recent job.  Talk about a downer.  I actually liked that job.  I really liked that job.  An up and coming company that had a great story to tell, I hit daily obstacles when it came down to actually getting my job done.  Personally, I felt the exec team didn’t trust their staff and proceeded to put those obstacles in place.  So here I am again, a year after I lost my last job to outsourcing, looking for another job.

In a normal setting, this would be stressful.  Add to it a new career my husband is launching, in which I am fully confident he will be extremely successful at, a senior in college, a senior in high school with scholarship applications and college essays to write, and the thought of our insurance ending at the end of the month, it is downright taxing, hard, tough, traumatic…you pick the adjective.

As I sit here taking a break from creating a software template he can use for this new venture and the phone calls and emails I had to make this morning, I think about the marketing pieces I will create and the website that will be launched, the insurance that needs to be purchased and how I can help him be successful.  Don’t forget about the photography sessions in the works, the job searching and scheduled interviews, what the game day program will look like after I pick it up from the printer and if every parent will show up to walk with their players, organizing the buttons for parents night, if we will get enough volunteers the rest of the season and what it will be like asking parents again for donations to end of season gifts.  Don’t even get me started on my novel that needs my final edits, and then to be sent off to a few key critics that can do a read through.  And my photography website that needs an overhaul, the phone calls that need to be made, and surprisingly enough the gesture of having my nemesis contact me and say I could use him as a reference.

In the last week, we had to get rid of one of our trucks since it was making a not-so-great noise and my husband felt he couldn't trust it any longer for our trips to the cottage.  Thankfully my husband is mechanically gifted and we might have found a gem of a new vehicle at a price that wasn’t tragic.  I can hear him pounding on something on the truck, nothing that he can't handle, just another example of a truck owner that didn't give a shit about how he took care of his vehicle because that owner would just go buy something new with the money he's earned from his job. News flash. That job could be gone tomorrow.  Take care of your crap.

Yes, this is a woe-is-me post.  I don’t do them often.  From the outside, we are a well-adjusted, relatively successful family that works hard and plays hard.  On the inside, we have been thrown for the loop and are now finding ourselves picking up the pieces.   Do I think that I won’t find a job?  No, that has never crossed my mind.  Do I think that now that I’m 45 that it might be slightly harder to find a job, potentially…but it’s what I can offer a new employer that matters.  Hiring me makes sense.  Yes, my salary is higher, but my experience should count for something.  Right?

I'll apologize now for those that know me and run into me in public.  I may not be my bubbly self.  

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